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Located in downtown Orinda, Jade Clinic provides acupuncture and massage therapy to prevent and treat disease, relieve pain, balance mood, improve immunity, increase fertility and improve overall health and wellness.

As longtime, licensed practitioners with over 20 yrs. of experience, we are passionate about helping our patients achieve better health. We enjoy working individually and collaboratively to help our clients improve the quality of their lives.

(925) 254-3148 | 43 Moraga Way, suite #205 , Orinda, CA 94563
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Jade Clinic Practitioners

Longtime, licensed practitioners with over 20 years of experience.

About Kristin

Kristin Morgenstern earned her master of science in traditional chinese medicine from Meiji College of Oriental Medicine in Berkeley, CA, where she studied both chinese and japanese styles of acupuncture, and herbal medicine. During her education Kristin completed extensive training in women's health and fertility and has done advanced training in these areas working with such noted teachers as Raven Lang (midwife and acupuncturist) and Efrem Korngold. She also did an extensive internship with fertility specialist Dr. Bick Jane Tang of Mill Valley, California. Having worked as a doula, she has been blessed to assist at many hospital and home births which have inspired and informed her practice.

Kristin is a CA state licensed acupuncturist, and herbalist with over a decade of experience maintaining a general practice, cultivating a special interest in family medicine: specializing in general women's health issues, fertility, pregnancy, and pediatrics. She is also certified in facial rejuvenation acupuncture for those interested in a more holistic way of maintaining and caring for their skin.

Her approach to patient care incorporates a gentle acupuncture technique, partnered with compassion and a strong belief in patient education. She believes helping patients resolve their health issues, as well as educating them on how to prevent those issues from recurring, is important. She is grateful to be able to build a partnership with her patients around health and well-being. Kristin is co-owner of Jade Clinic in Orinda, California where she maintains a private practice.

About Laura

A native to the San Francisco bay area, Laura Aguiar has been working in health care for over 20 years. She is a California state liscensed acupuncturist and herbalist specializing in women's healthcare with an emphasis in fertility, prenatal and postpartum care, pediatrics, mental/emotional problems and chronic pain. Prior to pursuing her career as an acupuncturist, Laura worked as a reproductive health specialist and counselor and as a doula. In 1999, Laura received her masters of science from Meiji College of Oriental Medicine in San Francisco, where she studied both western and eastern medicine. Her post-graduate studies include extensive advanced training in reproductive health and mental/emotional issues. laura has studied with many of the great teachers of chinese medicine including Raven Lang, midwife/acupuncturist in Santa Cruz, Mike Berkley of the renowned Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness in New York City, Giovanni Maccioca and Efrem Korngold.

Laura brings tremendous compassion and empathy for all her patients. She warmly welcomes patients of all backgrounds and orientations. Her warm competent approach provides for a relaxed, comfortable, results-oriented visit. Laura has been helping women to conceive and birth for over 10 years. She regularly attends inseminations and births, both at home and in the hospital, her acupuncture providing women with a safe and natural method of support.

Since becoming a mother herself in 2007, Laura has pursued post graduate knowledge in pediatrics and offers comprehensive and sensitive pediatric consultations and treatments. In addition to her shared practice at Jade Clinic in Orinda, Laura also maintains a private practice in Berkeley.

About Gonzalo

Trained and certified in swedish, shiatsu, lymphatic and deep tissue massage, Gonzalo Villablanca is a very skilled massage therapist with almost ten years of experience. His warm and professional manner, lends to a comfortable, safe and results oriented visit.

He incorporates his hands on technical skills with his knowledge of human anatomy and body mechanics to address the needs of all people regardless of age, gender or body type. Gonzalo currently works with Jade Acupuncture clinic in Orinda and the Berkeley Family Acupuncture in Berkeley, and studies kinesiology at San Francisco State University.


Acupuncture and Massage Therapy


Acupuncture, an aspect of traditional chinese medicine (tcm), has been practiced for thousands of years and is used worldwide. According to classical doctrines of chinese medicine, there is an unceasing flow of energy (qi) throughout the human body. This vital energy originates from the major organs and flows along continuous circulatory channels in the body called meridians. When the energy flow is smooth and in balance, one is healthy; when an imbalance occurs, one feels ill or in pain.

Acupuncture treats such imbalances by inserting very thin, sterile, disposable needles into certain designated points along the body's meridians to disperse blockages, mobilize immune response, regulate the organs and restore the delicate balance of the body. Due to the western medical community's increasing interest in chinese medicine, there is now solid scientific evidence confirming the effectiveness of this ancient healing art. Modern studies suggest that acupuncture works by activating a natural pain-suppression system in the brain, by increasing blood flow to vital organs, and by initiating innate immune responses within the body.

Acupuncture Services
  • •Pediatrics
  • • Pre-natal and Pregnancy
  • • Labor and Delivery
  • • Post Partum
  • • Fertility
  • • Facial Rejuvination
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, also known as cosmetic acupuncture, is a gentle, non-surgical way to reduce the signs of aging. A relaxing combination of acupuncture and facial massage are used to reduce or eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, sagging and discoloration of the face, while simultaneously supporting the body's overall health.

Massage Thereapy

Massage, one of the earliest therapies practiced by mankind, has been used for pain relief, improved sense of well being and physical appearance for thousands of years. At Jade Clinic you will experience the benefits of massage therapy in an individually designed session to address your preferences and needs. Personal attention and evaluation allow for a customized experience to enhance and support your wellbeing.


Jade Clinic phone: (925) 254-3148
Our downtown Orinda office is located at:
43 Moraga Way, suite #205
Orinda, CA 94563

We are across the street from CVS and the Orinda Theater, upstairs from the bookstore.
Free one hour street parking is available in front of the office on Moraga way. Free two hour parking is available one block down across from Nation's. Additionally, there is hourly paid underground parking available in the Theater Square parking lot.

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First Visit

New Patients

Call (925) 254-3148 to make an appointment

First Visit

The initial acupuncture visit lasts approximately 90 minutes. We will discuss your medical history and current concerns. You will receive an acupuncture treatment as well as be given herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations to help your complaints. Please arrive 10 minutes early on your first appointment to fill out the intake forms in the office. Follow-up visits last 1 hour.

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What to Expect

What to Expect and How to Prepare for your Acupuncture Visit. Please have a light meal or snack before coming in. (It is best not to be too full nor too hungry) If possible, please wear loose comfortable clothing. Most patients remain clothed for treatments. Often, only socks and shoes are removed. If more disrobing is needed, blankets for draping will be provided. At Jade Clinic, our goal is to provide a relaxed, comfortable, results-oriented visit. We use a Japanese needling technique known for being gentle and virtually painless. After conducting a thorough interview and health evaluation, we insert very thin (about the size of a human hair), sterile, disposable needles into various acupuncture points. This is usually painless, however it is normal to experience a dull ache, tingling, or warm sensation. Needles are retained for 20-30 minutes, and most people become very relaxed, and experience a feeling of well-being during and after their treatment.

How Many Visits

How Many Visits you will need is different for each individual. Generally, acute problems require fewer treatments and more chronic problems will take longer to resolve. Patients often come in more often at the beginning (1-2x week) and then the frequency of treatments is reduced as symptoms improve. Ultimately and ideally, patients come in for maintenance and/or preventative and wellness care every 2-6 weeks.